Air to Water Heat Pumps

LG THERMA V, a Renewable Home Heating Solution.

Switch to LG THERMA V to save energy bills and reduce environmental impact.

What is a Heat Pump?

LG THERMA V Air to Water Heat Pump is a sustainable, low-carbon heating solution for your home. While most other heating systems rely on fossil fuels, LG utilizes renewable sources of energy to generate heat by combining 20% electricity and 80% outside air, making THERMA V a green alternative to your old boiler.*

Benefits of Air to Water Heat Pumps

The LG THERMA V provides sustainable, carbon-efficient, and more affordable heating experiences for your home. 

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Cost Saving and Efficiency

LG THERMA V can reduce your energy bills, by producing up to 5 times as much heat energy as it needs to run.* It efficiently heats the home and provides hot water year round.  

Don’t worry about the initial cost either. Learn how your government can help with subsidies to future-proof your home.

*The efficiency ratio is to help general understanding and is based on the Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of THERMA V R290 Monobloc under Low Temperature & Average Climate conditions, which is higher than 5. The actual efficiency may vary with water and outside temperatures.


* The scope of Government Subsidy support may vary by country.

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Easy to Install, Little Maintenance Worries

LG THERMA V heat pump installation does not involve the replacement of the existing heating system, and even requires little maintenance, which makes THERMA V a convenient way to heat your home year-round.

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The Ultimate Comfort

Experience the ultimate comfort with LG THERMA V R32 Monobloc S.
This efficient and discreet heating solution for your home features noise minimization technology, allowing you to be considerate of your neighbors.
You can even take complete control of your heat pump from anywhere, at any time, with ThinQ™ mobile app.

* Quiet Mark Certified products : HM051MR U44 / HM071MR U44 / HM091MR U44 / HM093MR U44 / HM121MR U34 / HM123MR U34

* This certification is valid for UK & EU territories only.

* Availability of thinq app features may vary by country.

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No Gas, Low Carbon

LG THERMA V's advanced heat pump technology can help lower your carbon footprint, while also providing a range of energy savings and economic benefits. Join the green energy movement; heating your home, while helping cool the Earth.

By pairing your heat pump with solar panels and energy storage system, you can achieve even greater energy savings.

THERMA V Lineup 

The LG THERMA V Air to Water Heat Pump lineup features various models differing in installation type, capacity, and more.



Reduce your energy bills and your reliance on fossil fuels with Therma V Split. It’s flexible and easy to install for any type of home. 




LG THERMA V Hydrosplit cuts carbon emissions with great energy saving. It’s a simple and safe heat pump with water piping that connects to indoor units with a separate water tank or just one water tank integrated indoor unit.



Monobloc is all in one solution without the need for additional indoor units. It’s only connected to a water tank so easy and simple to be installed.


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