Only Water Enters Your Home,THERMA V Hydrosplit

LG THERMA V Hydrosplit cuts carbon emissions with great energy saving. It’s simple and safe heat pump with water piping. It connects to indoor unit with separate water tank or just one water tank integrated indoor unit. Contact us for this sustainable heat pump system.

A Simple, Safe Heat Pump with Water Piping

The LG Therma V Hydrosplit reduces the risk of indoor refrigerant leakage by keeping refrigerant safely outside: only water passes through your home. You'll have more utility room space and easy maintenance access thanks to its lightweight, quickly installable wall-mounted unit or floor-standing unit with an integrated water tank. Plus, you don't need to install an additional water tank since the floor standing type indoor unit already includes one.

Keep Your Entire House Warmwith an Energy-Saving Heat Pump

The LG Therma V Hydrosplit reduces energy bills with the highest energy efficiency energy label rating of A+++, You also get comfortable, reliable heating performance — especially at low ambient temperature — in a multi-purpose heating solution ranging from space heating to hot water supply. Whether it's -25°C or 35°C, the Hydrosplit offers a stable hot water supply thanks to a wide operation range.

*Energy Label is based on COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No 811/2013. LG Therma V R32 Hydrosplit reaches energy label ErP A+++ for space heating 35°C LWT and ErP A++ for space heating 55°C LWT. The results of the energy label may vary depending on the LG Therma V model. Please refer to the LG Compliance Information homepage ( for model-specific information.
**Based on the performance table of the PDB, 100% of Normal Capacity with Outdoor Ambient Temperature -7℃ DB & Leaving Water Temperature 55℃. Capacities on the performance table are in accordance with EN14511 but are simulation values and may differ from actual values.
The outdoor temperature range for heating mode is indicated in the operation range of the PDB (Product Data Book). However, in general, compared to normal outdoor temperatures, when the outdoor temperature is lower, the capacity, efficiency, and maximum water outlet temperature at that outdoor temperature will also be lower than norrmal outdoor temperature operation.

R1 Compressor

Efficient and reliable home heating is available by R1 Compressor technology. The improved tilting motion of the scroll has increased overall efficiency and reliability.


With LG ThinQ™ app, users can simply control the heating system anytime from anywhere. Remote access to the heating system allows users maximized comfort.

Intuitive Controller

The intuitive controller allows quick, easy use with a simple touch. Users can set schedules based on their lifestyles and manage energy consumption with daily or monthly power monitoring.

Energy State

LG Therma V has energy-saving power states, can automatically follow power company status signals, and lets your home make and store energy if integrated with our solar and energy storage solutions.

Spec Detail

The LG air to water heat pump line-up features various models.


Table Caption
Features R32 Hydrosplit R32 Hydrosplit
R32 Hydrosplit Hydro Box
R32 Hydrosplit Hydro Box
R32 Hydrosplit IWT
R32 Hydrosplit IWT
Refrigerant & GWP R32 / 675 R32 / 675
Capacity Range (kW) (1Ø&3Ø) 12 / 14 / 16 (1Ø&3Ø) 12 / 14 / 16
Energy Efficiency Class for Heating A+++ / A++ (35℃ / 55℃) - for Heating A+++ / A++ (35℃ / 55℃) for Water Heating A+¹
Power Supply (V, Ø, Hz) 220-240, 1, 50 380-415, 3, 50 220-240, 1, 50 380-415, 3, 50
Dimension, ODU (WxHxD,mm) 950 × 1,380 × 330 950 × 1,380 × 330
Weight, ODU (kg) (1Ø&3Ø) 91.7 (1Ø&3Ø) 91.7
Dimension, IDU (WxHxD,mm) 490 × 850 × 315 601 × 1,812 × 685
Weight, IDU (kg) 30.5 130
Sound Power Level ODU (dB(A)) 61 / 62 / 63 61 / 62 / 63
Sound Power Level IDU (dB(A)) 44 43
Operation Range (OAT, ℃) Heating: -25 ~ 35 Cooling: 5 ~ 48 Heating: -25 ~ 35 Cooling: 5 ~ 48
Operation Range (LWT, ℃) Heating: 15 ~ 65 Cooling: 5 ~ 27 (16 ~ 27)² DHW: 15 ~ 80³ Heating: 15 ~ 65 Cooling: 5 ~ 27 (16 ~ 27)² DHW: 15 ~ 80³
Model Name (ODU, 1Ø) HU121MRB U30 HU141MRB U30 HU161MRB U30 HU121MRB U30 HU141MRB U30 HU161MRB U30
Model Name (ODU, 3Ø) HU123MRB U30 HU143MRB U30 HU163MRB U30 HU123MRB U30 HU143MRB U30 HU163MRB U30
Model Name (IDU) HN1600MC NK1 HN1616Y NB1

1) 12, 14 & 16kW : profile L
2) When a fan coil unit is not used.
3) DHW 55 ~ 80°C operating is available only when the electric heater is operating.
*ODU : Outdoor Unit, IDU : Indoor Unit
**OAT : Outdoor Air Temperature, LWT : Leaving Water Temperature

Heat Pump FAQs

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