Smart Diagnosis

LG Smart Diagnosis not only gives you a diagnosis result if you're experiencing a problem, 

but it also contains lots of useful information to help you use and maintain your LG Products.

smart diagnosis tag on

Only LG appliances featuring the logos provide the Smart Diagnosis function. Please check the logos on your products.

Download App for Smart Diagnosis

This application provides Smart Diagnosis for LG Smart products. As well as providing a diagnosis service, it also offers tips & recommendations to maintain your product.
Android Phone

Scan the QR code or click the download button to go to the Google Play.


Scan the QR code or click the download button to go to the App store.

Self Service Solution
Self Service Solution
Save Money and Time
  • Using this advanced technology will result in you getting an instant answer, which also means there's no need to wait on the end of the phone for a response - saving you both time and money.
  • No need to call customer services for simple, easily solved problems.
  • Instead, you can use the simple selfdiagnosis feature :
    - Tag On Diagnosis : Just tag on and diagnose
    - Audible Diagnosis : Just press, listen, and diagnose

*Please Note : Tag On diagnosis is only provided for Smart phones using an Android OS

Call Centre Support
Call Centre Support
Easy and Convenient
  • You no longer need to explain complicated and ambiguous issues to the call centre agent, as Smart Diagnosis will identify your problem.
  • Use the Smart Diagnosis according to the guide on the App - once the issue has been recognised, you can call our customer services if you need further help to resolve the issue. (eg. booking an engineer.)